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Trusted Advisor

We not only provide you with tax preparation services, we provide proactive financial and tax planning. We work with you throughout the year using retirement planning tools, advice on transferring assets into trust and planning your investments to get maximum after tax returns. We work with your financial advisor, if you have one to achieve optimum results.


Tax Planning To Maximize Tax Savings With New Tax Laws

The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act of 2017 has completely changed the tax regime. It has many complex tax provision affecting your business and personal taxes equally. Proactive tax planning starting now will get you the most in tax savings. This includes choosing the right for of entity for your business. For individuals it includes bunching up tax deductions in one year. We have done an expert analysis of the New Tax Law and are now ready to help you and your business save tax dollars with proactive tax planning. Click here for our presentation on choice of entity.


CFO Services For Your Business

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you have to rely on accurate and insightful financial information in order to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. We offer a free initial consultation to you to find out how your business can benefit from our accounting, bookkeeping and tax services. We pick up all these worries from you so that you can do what you do best. Grow your business!


Audit Representation

The biggest fear a taxpayer has is “What if I get a notice from IRS or NYS?” We review our work thoroughly before filing your tax returns to make sure all the reporting is correct. We e-file all business and individual income tax returns. This provides you with instant acceptance and quicker refunds. Irrespective of that, if you get any notice we are always available to assist you to resolve it. If you ever get audited we will represent you and protect your interest. “Let Us Be Your Trusted Tax Advisor”..

We Help Individuals and Companies Make Better Financial Decisions

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Welcome To MLCPAS

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We are a boutique CPA firm located in East Islip. Our mission statement is to keep it simple, keep it accurate, save clients tax dollars by proactive tax planning. Mariya Luqmani, the Managing Director of the firm is a CPA with 14+ years of experience in accounting, tax planning and tax preparation. Her focus are corporate and individual tax returns.

She has experience with corporate returns ranging from small businesses to consolidated corporate returns with multi-state filings. She has extensive experience working on High Net Worth Individual Tax returns and Expatriate Returns with Foreign Filings.

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More Happy Clients and Counting

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    Partner, Company: Hedge Fund
  • Mariya prepared/coordinated my personal, partnership and gift tax returns from 2010 - 2014. She was knowledgeable and responsive to any questions I had and always delivered quality work on time. She also participated in discussions regarding tax and estate planning I did during that time.
  • As an Expat who has worked in several countries, KPMG has done my taxes in the past. My taxes are complex with foreign income, rental income in multiple countries and states, dividends, interest, LLC income, tax equalization, relocation income, etc. I have high expectations when hiring people who claim to be experts in their profession. It is very hard to find people today that are responsive and can actually perform to the level they claim. I can say Mariya is one of the very best professionals I have dealt with in many years. She did my taxes for her initial estimate, responded to my questions immediately 24/7 and did a great job completing my federal and state (two states) taxes. I would rate her overall service a level above what I received from KPMG. I highly recommend Mariya. She is a highly competent professional who is responsive and trustworthy.
    PMX Director at
    Raytheon Integrated Defense
  • Mariya was greatly helpful in preparing my 2016 tax return. She took the time to go through multiple phone calls with me to get a grasp a a fairly complex case (working between two US states and abroad, with international assets), and delivered her work on time. On top of that the use of an online portal greatly facilitated the exchange of documents. I would recommend Mariya to anyone looking for an efficient personal tax accountant.
    Director of
    Research Marto Capital
  • Mariya was an incredibly helpful and thorough CPA as she helped my file my taxes. Her expertise in the areas of ESPPs and RSUs were a huge benefit throughout the consultative and filing process. She was also patient with me as I gathered all the required documents and very quick to file and report back to me once she had all the required information. I would definitely recommend working with Mariya.
  • With an incredibly shrinking deadline and mounting stress, I reached out to Mariya, whom I'd never met before. Within two text messages, my mind was at ease. Mariya made short work of my corporate and individual taxes and did it with a kind and professional attitude. Proficient in tax law and Quickbooks. My hat's off to you Mariya! I highly recommend her services!
    Wincies Inc.
  • Mariya is great to work with, very diligent in her work and focused on making sure returns are filed on time. She helped me with my taxes which included a lot of K1s from partnerships and was able to add value by pointing out additional deductions my prior preparer had missed. I also appreciate the infrastructure she has in place to store returns in the cloud and access them in a secure manner anywhere as necessary. I would recommend her without hesitation and plan on staying with her for the long term.

Services We Offer

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We mainly serve corporations with multi-state and foreign filings and high net worth individuals with their tax preparation and tax planning. We advice you on entity formation, tax planning strategies, retirement planning and wealth management. We prepare your books on monthly/quarterly basis, prepare your year end business, individual, trust and partnership tax returns.

We have specialized knowledge in taxation of expatriates with foreign filings, stock options, rental properties in foreign countries, parent or subsidiary in foreign countries.

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